COMPAS J2EE  v.1.0

COMPAS J2EE is a non-intrusive performance instrumentation and monitoring toolkit for J2EE.

Dynamic COMPAS (COMPAS Dynamique)  v.1.4.3

The Dynamic COMPAS is an electronic system for managing the quality of humanitarian projects, based on the principles of Project Cycle Management and Quality Assurance.


Compas WinPro for Mac OS X  v.3.2

The Compas WinPro shows every guitarist a safe way to play in the compas and how to count the Flamenco rhythms.

CoMPAS Pro  v.2007

Comprehensive Meta Prediction and Annotation Services for Proteins: The new all-in-one prediction tool that can be easily extended to include any SOAP/WSDL-enabled prediction servers.

Flamenco Master  v.1.0

Flamenco Master - software for all the Flamenco Guitar enthusiasts. Not many Flamenco Guitar players have the opportunity to play alongside an experienced dancer, which can be a real handicap in trying to get to grips with the Compas.

Glow Compass  v.

Glow Compass is easy application to find north. You must have Windows Phone 7.5 version to support Compass. 1.0.2- fix compas roatation issue - fix unexpected application error when too many application use compass and motion

MagNorth  v.

Magnetic Declination is a crucial parameter when navigating your plane, boat or yourself if the open space. Your compas indicates magnetic north while true north on which your maps are based can be degrees away ! With MagNorth, you'll be able to

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